Our Preceptors
Accomplished Preceptors and experienced Managers play an important, key role in educating Interns. Professional dietetic education relies on them to mentor and precept dietetic students to excel as practitioners in nutrition and dietetics.The GGDI Program has recruited specific exemplary, qualified Preceptors to support both the program goals and well-prepared Interns—so Interns may then excel in entry-level dietetics. These supportive Preceptors are one of the valued strengths of the Program.

The GGDI Program is committed to collaborating with and supporting Preceptors to maintain a quality dietetic internship Program. The Program provides instructional support in-person, via telephone and email along with GGDI Program materials, forms, evaluations, and other resources—such as CPEU’s for professional development.

During personal Program orientations, Preceptors receive information and training on how to manage and assess interns. A copy of the Program’s Intern Rotation Evaluation with suggested and required activities are always provided.

At the end of the Program year, Preceptor input and collaboration is sought to assess the internship program, program support, rotation lengths, and the intern evaluation process to continuously improve all facets of the program.

The Program encourages all Registered Dietitian (RD) Preceptors to take advantage of the FREE CDR Preceptor Training Module that provides RDs with eight (8) CPEUs.

In addition, RD Preceptors may earn other CPEUs related to precepting Interns in the Program.