How to Apply
Prospective Applicants – Spring Match
Prospective Applicants – Spring Match
The Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND®), is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ accrediting agency for education programs preparing students for careers as Registered Dietitians. ACEND® serves and protects students and the public by assuring the quality and continued improvement of nutrition and dietetics education programs such as GGDI.

Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics

To apply to GGDI, individuals must have completed or be near completion of ACEND-accredited Coursework requirements (of a Didactic Program in Dietetics/DPD) and receive at least a bachelor’s degree from this program. The GGDI Program provides Interns the opportunity to complete the minimum 1200 hours of supervised practice. The Program runs approximately 8 months in length. Individuals who complete all GGDI Program requirements are then verified by the GGDI Program Director and thereby become eligible to sit for the CDR Registration Examination for Dietitians. Interns are selected through the Spring Match to begin the GGDI Program in the Fall. Orientation takes place before Labor Day with the first rotation day after Labor Day. The Program concludes at the end of April each year. Please see

Application Requirements:

  • An official signed DPD Verification Statement (signed up to two years prior to the current year) or a DPD Verification of Intent to Complete is required.
  • An overall GPA of 2.8 and a DPD GPA of 3.0/B is required.
  • DPD and science courses are to be completed with a grade of C or better.
  • All D’s and F’s must have been repeated with a grade of C or better.
  • A complete and competitive application also includes: A summary of work and/or volunteer experience, letters of recommendation, a personal statement (written by the applicant), and an expressed interest in leading and managing a nutrition project in the community.
  • Complete and timely applications ensure their consideration.
  • Note: After admittance into the Program, all remaining coursework must be completed with a minimum of a “C” grade.

Applications MUST be submitted via the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System (DICAS) portal at
BY THE DEADLINE (See Step 1 below)
Applicants must use the national computer matching process, D&D Digital at
BY THE DEADLINE (See Step 2 below)
Applicants must mail a $50 check to GGDI (see Step 3 below)
Other Notes:

  • Note this important time: February 15th at 11:59pm, Central Time
  • Final candidates may be interviewed.
  • All application materials become the property of the GGDI Program and will not be returned.
  • GGDI is an equal opportunity and nondiscriminatory program.
  • Currently, GGDI is not accepting international students.
  • The GGDI program does not offer financial aid.
  • Important! Applicants not accepted into any program and who are still interested are encouraged to email GGDI of their availability.
  • Should an applicant want to apply for Marin County (rotations) ONLY. (I.e. one cannot move from the local area near Marin, such as SF). TWO applicants will be accepted for this Marin County location. The Marin hospital will require an interview. The Program code for this is 773. This works out well each year for two local applicants, but this new code will streamline the process.

Submit your application through the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System (DICAS) at before February 15 at 11:59 p.m., Central Time.

As part of the application process, you will also need to mail (postmarked by the deadline date), a copy of the official transcript from each college and university you have attended to the following address:

DICAS Transcript Department
PO Box 9118
Watertown, Massachusetts 02472
Once logged in, there is useful information under the ‘HELP’ column on the left side of the screen and by clicking “instructions”.

DICAS charges a fee to use this online application system. There is also a charge for each additional program application on this system.

For the GGDI Program, ensure your Personal Statement is not more than 800 words. Everyone appreciates a thoughtful, informed and concise read. Please describe:

1. What is/are the greatest obstacle(s) you face in the pursuit of a career in Dietetics?
2. Why do you want to be a Registered Dietitian (not what event made you decide, the outcome—why you want to have a career as a Dietitian)?
3. Why do you want to conduct a community nutrition project?
4. Why is it important for us to demonstrate sensitivity and acknowledge various cultures and cultural backgrounds in the community in which we work?
5. What are your expectations of the dietetic internship program experience—what do you envision? Discuss why you have chosen to apply to the Golden Gate Dietetic Internship program.
6. What other information do you believe would be of value to the selection committee when reviewing your application for consideration?

DICAS customer support or 617-612-2855.

You must also register for computer matching to the GGDI Program. To do this, register, identify and rank
GGDI, (code # 123) OR (Marin County only #773) at D&D Digital by February 15 at 11:59 p.m., Central Time.

D&D Digital also charges a fee for using the computer matching process.

Once you have identified your choice(s), enter this online at The deadline for online matching registration is February 15th at 11:59pm Central Time. Applicants may change the rankings later. Please check the D&D Digital website for updates on the matching process and deadline dates for these steps. D&D Digital may be reached at or 515-292-0490.

Please submit a $50 check payable to “Golden Gate Dietetic Internship.” There is no other system for payment. Please mail this non-refundable GGDI program application fee to GGDI. It must be postmarked by February 15.

Golden Gate Dietetic Internship Applications
336 Bon Air Center, # 125
Greenbrae, CA 94904
D&D Digital will notify you of your match to our program on Notification Day beginning at 6:00 p.m. CDT, through Appointment Day. Please check the D&D Digital website for updates on the matching process and deadline dates for these steps.

If you are matched to GGDI, you must notify us by phone or email ( to confirm acceptance by 6:00 pm Pacific Time on Appointment Day. We do not hold the appointed position if we do not receive your acceptance. Applicants not accepted into any program and who are still interested in GGDI, are encouraged to email GGDI of their availability.

D&D Digital deadlines

Top 10 Questions about Computer Matching for Dietetic Internships (DIs)

The GGDI Internship Program Fee includes: Student Academy Membership; student professional liability insurance; CPR, blood-borne pathogens and first aid certification; fingerprinting and background checks; professional meeting/conference fees; hotel stays as required for conferences; field trips; lab coat and name pin; all text books and materials—including study materials for the CDR Registration Examination for Dietitians.

NOTE: While all the above costs are covered, Interns are expected to have or pay for paper, computer and printing costs. It is recommended that Interns own a computer, paper, and ink/toner. Color ink is not required.

Intern Estimated Program Expenses are provided below. Interns are responsible for the costs of a personal physical examination, all immunizations, TB testing, and the Sanitation Manager Certification for admission into the Program.

The estimated costs may vary depending upon housing selection/location and moving costs.

Estimated Intern Costs
Tuition Deposit $1,000
Balance of Tuition Fee $12,000
Physical Examination and TB Test, and Immunizations $400
Sanitation Manager Certification $36
Major Health Insurance $1,150
Office supplies (Paper, ink, & printer or copy center) $200
Rent and Utilities* $10,000
Food and Miscellaneous Expenses $3,880
Car, gas, auto insurance and maintenance $2,700
Estimated Total $ ~ 31,400
* Interns are encouraged to house/room together to reduce costs


  • A Program merit scholarship will be awarded to an Intern upon completion of the Program for preceding academic accomplishments, leadership skills, and outstanding performance during the GGDI Program year.
  • $500 is provided to an Intern who completes a community nutrition project that will increase diversity in the profession of nutrition and dietetics.
  • Information on other scholarship opportunities is available from The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation
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